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Choice Gift

Sometimes I think stupid people have all the fun. This is not any different than the Psalmist saying that sinners have all the fun. There may be some truth to it, perhaps, but it is a misleading way of thinking. It replaces the permanent joy of God’s presence with a transient pleasure that cannot quite reach true satisfaction. Greater truths Read More

Not a Low Sodium Food

The trouble with moral fiber is that it gets stuck between your teeth.

No Diving

I am currently active on the Reforming Pilgrims board as kabloomie. I am speaking up on every topic I can so that the depth of my wisdom will quickly become apparent, and nobody will be misled.

Why the new law won’t work

There are two kids in the back seat, and little Ashley whines, “Mom, he’s touching me.” So Mom says, “Sam, stop touching your sister.” And in less than thirty seconds, there is Sam, expertly holding his finger an inch from Ashley’s face, whispering “I’m not touching you!” Anyone who could doubt this scenario has not had two kids in the Read More