Refreshing perspective

An uncommon sight on the internet: a homeschooled conservative Christian who does not believe the courtship is the answer!

God should be the owner of a person’s heart and when a Christian young lady gives her heart to someone, it should be because it’s God’s will. There’s no stealing involved. No one can force you to love someone anymore than anyone can force you to stop loving someone.


All I would have said is: “Sorry, guys, you’re going to have to make it up as you go. Read your Bible and talk to God. Be an adult and use your head.” No one can lead you by the hand as you grow up. That’s something I’ve learned more and more as I become an adult. One thing I’ve learned is to rarely ask for advice, to rarely accept advice, and to only give advice when pressed. It’s not to be cocky or because I think that I’m above other’s advice…it’s that experience tells me to listen to God and my own instincts.
Sheep in Need of Shepherd: Apply Within – Part Two


Just who are you following? Jesus or someone else? Are you living according to His words or by a mere mortal’s words? They’re going to die eventually and so are you. Will what they say even matter in 50 years time? Yeah, patriarchy people are trying to extend themselves beyond their years…but I don’t think it’ll work.
Sheep in Need of Shepherd: Apply Within – Part One


Reminded me of Alyssa Welch’s series “Our Love Story.”