One Comment on "Hospitality invites fellowship"

  • The NT does state the hospitality is important, but I found the author’s attempt to present it as the basis for fellowship was weak. He talked about the times apostles went into houses. Well, we could talk about the times apostles went into synagogues, and then make the argument that true organic church comes by going to the institutional church and drawing the truly hungry out.

    The problem is not that he said a church fellowship might come about by having someone over for dinner. The problem is that he tried to argue that such was a framework presented by the NT, and that seems quite a stretch.

    That said, I don’t want to come across as too critical. He opened strong with the emphasis on Christ. The latter things he said after the talk of hospitality struck me a bit like platitudes–true things said with enough vagueness that everyone agrees are important, claims they are doing, and is convinced everyone else is not doing.

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