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Posted on April 30, 2012

Here’s an example of house church / organic church that I am not at all comfortable with. You’ll have to settle for “uncomfortable,” I am not willing to do enough research on this example and then take the time to explain why I see it as problematic. Organic church is like transcendental monkeys that will usher in the era of women leading in the church…

(That’s a tongue-in-cheek paraphrase, by the way; not a replication of the author’s point.)

I jumped to this site from Art Sido’s blog where I have been sparring with him about women in the church. Art follows a close interpretation of the texts resulting in a conclusion that women should not address the church (speak publicly). Felicity Dale, whom I’ve heard mentioned many times, apparently feels differently. However, her presentation of the matter on this randomly encountered post is not building my confidence.

Most particularly, I do not agree with the type of progressive revelation suggested in the video or in Felicity’s comment about progressing into female leadership. Neither morality nor the church is evolving, in my understanding, although my understanding is evolving. But I try not to get the two confused. The Copernican fool who is today so mocked for denying the order of the universe will find himself in plenteous company when the today’s experts arrive at the center of the universe.



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