Today I tried to analyze how proposed pricing structures would compare with our history. Throughout the repeated attempts today and yesterday I have felt that I am overcomplicating the matter. I feel certain I am. But I am not offered the time to let the matter rest until my brain re-orients itself to a sensible approach. So I keep trying to breach the gate of the castle with my head.

I made my first worthy attempt today at the end of the day, after 6 pm when everyone else had gone home. When I really need to think about things I don’t do well with distractions. I can tune out the world, but only when I am given that luxury; if I have to be responsible toward other demands on my time I am useless for careful thinking.

I feel frustrated and inadequate. So does my new boss. But he has only been working here since the beginning of the year (generously reckoned) and I have had six months or so. The good news, then, is that in a few more months my new boss should genuinely know more than I do and have solutions and suggestions to offer. My only complaint so far is that I am not able to teach him anything. We are wallowing around in the difficult stuff that I don’t understand. When there is something easy and routine in the offing, I do that while he takes care of his old job. For now we are equal incompetents, joined by our frustration.