I took today off to decompress. This sounds nice, since I have been travelling every week for two months or so, and complaining about it for the last several weeks. The problem is that during compression, what was compressed comes out.

When I get in these crunch times at work, I do what needs to be done. It is time for doing, not doubting. I even sometimes fancy myself to be something of a leader; people come to me with their problems. Big serious problems, small silly problems, problems that have little or nothing to do with my real job; and I give them all answers.

Today, with no particular focus for my day and nothing that had to be done, I remembered a reply to one particular e-mail I sent in early January. It was an inoccous remark, a little teasing about some of my wording. I sat there, my first day to sit and think in months, and felt a solid regret I hadn’t written an e-mail above reproach.