Presented at Searching Together 2009 conference

Searching Together holds an annual conference. These days it is usually in St. Croix Falls, WI, late in July. I went last year and talked too much. This year I talked too much and then read off this paper I wrote just for the occasion. Some people liked it so I feel the need to point out I got a lot of helpful feedback before it reached this form. I am pretty sure everyone who reads this blog has already been offered a chance to read this paper (twice). But since I haven’t been writing anything here, I will reheat some leftovers. I recently heard John MacArthur address a similar topic and I didn’t think he did half as good a job raising the question. He pretty much said that God was so wonderful and just he would never make people suffer who didn’t deserve it, which falls pretty far short of explaining why some people suffer more than others.

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