Why I Bought My Shredder

I bought a shredder. A Staples-brand shredder, by the way, and it died after a few uses. I swapped it for a different model, which has been in (very infrequent) operation for several months, and doesn’t spit out the paper it chews up very well, so you must frequenty pull the debris from the bottom of the shredder to keep it from jamming up. This is not a full-bin problem–it will happen with an empty bin, because the shredder’s meal just dangles from its behind.

This flaw makes using the shredder a bother, and often when I am pulling wads masticated paper from the shredder I wonder why I even use the thing. But then we got into a situation where Tenant A thought, with some reason, that Tenant B was stealing other tenants’ mail. To help prove this, Tenant A was going through the dumpster looking for mail for Tenant A in Tenant B’s garbage.


Shred everything!!!