Posted on July 2, 2009
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I figure that it only takes one thing to learn how to play guitar (besides the guitar itself): persistence. So when the notion first came to me I put it out of my mind. Later, when my siblings were learning, I still delayed and put off buying the actual guitar. Persistence is not my strongest trait and I didn’t feel like an abandoned guitar reminding me of derelection of duty would add to my overall happiness.

I gave in to the urge and bought a guitar in late November 2008. Thus far I have continued to practice–not to say I have never missed a day or an entire week, since I have. I am at about the 20th page of a 133 page beginner’s book, to give you a sense of my accomplishment. I can play the regular notes in first position from the first to fourth string (G-F-E-D-C-B-A-G-F-E-D). I am just starting on my first chords.

I want to be able to play. Sometimes I really enjoy the little tunes I can pick out now. But practice is boring, and hard to get started on, and then hard to stick with.

Perhaps, if I note here the steps as I learn them, it will help me keep an appreciation for my progress. All you need is persistence (and a guitar).