Why the new law won’t work

Posted on April 22, 2006
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There are two kids in the back seat, and little Ashley whines, “Mom, he’s touching me.” So Mom says, “Sam, stop touching your sister.” And in less than thirty seconds, there is Sam, expertly holding his finger an inch from Ashley’s face, whispering “I’m not touching you!”

Anyone who could doubt this scenario has not had two kids in the back seat. We are talking about a child who can, in thirty seconds, find a way to comply with the new legislation while still carrying on with his unethical behavior. How then can we imagine that a corporation of grown men with a lot of money at stake could fail to find a way to “comply” with a law that seeks to curb unethical behavior?

This illustration is simplistic. Legislation often does have an effect, in part because there are lawyers trained to think like six-year-olds drawing it up, in part because there are snitches, but, I think, mostly because the majority of the people who heard of the law were decent enough to try to obey it. To begin with, anyway. Read more