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The Journey

I will try a bit more. I am putting words to something which starts much deeper than words, deeper than the part of man which is capable of word-making. I am speaking of a weariness that comes not from the muscles, nor from the mind, but from the soul. If the muscles grow tired of working, and the mind grows Read More

A Gate That Swings Both Ways

Last year, at about this season (a month later, let’s say), I built a chicken coop. Well, I funded and designed it and helped to build it. After several design drafts it is still a poorly designed coop; the roosts, the primary purpose of the coop, don’t really belong anywhere and get in the way of everything. It doesn’t accommodate Read More


I am not looking forward to the commencement of the MBA program in which I have enrolled. You see I am confessing up front that it is my own choice that brings it on me; but I don’t think I am compelled to enjoy all of my own choices. While some see it a mark of good character to celebrate Read More

Show Your Work

This is a great example of what a work blog can be (in occupations similar to mine).