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A handful of assorted truths

Today I visited Cherry Baptist. I arrived early enough to attend the Sunday school, and upon arriving the first thing I was asked was “Which Sunday school do you want to go to? We have five.” “I don’t care,” I said, “Any of them.” “I’ll take you to the men’s,” said the attendent. This struck me as a good idea. Read More

“You don’t have to be good for nothing”

Today I did go to a Presbyterian church, not to be daunted by last week’s mistake. It was very little different from the Episcopalian service that I unintentionally attended last week. It was a little less formalized, with fewer distinct steps in the service and higher ratio of unique (as opposed to liturgical) content, but if you called it relaxed Read More

We have YOUR favorite flavor!

Not much stimulated by my first foray, I went out to another church this evening. I will call it Tioga Baptist, so I can distinguish it from other Baptist churches I am likely to run into. Tioga Baptist has a traditional service in the morning and a contemporary service in the evening. I will admit to feeling much more responsive Read More

Wrong turn on the way to nowhere in particular

I had intended to visit a Prebyterian church today, but the church I had thought I identified as Presbyterian turned out to be Episcopalian. So be it; today I glimpsed the Episcopalian concept of assembly. I have read accolades of liturgical services as a way to transcend the vagaries of our personal devotion. This service did not inspire in me Read More