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Restless Into That Night

He knew better, as he always did – he knew there were better tools to use and better materials, and better methods. My dad made that bunkbed with a circular saw and a chisel because that’s what he had. He used the saw to cut many close slits and then cleaned out a wide mortice with the chisel, but he Read More

Seize the Day

Please God Lockpick prayers strainingIn small places to prise –Scraping the boundariesOf secret designs What withholden treasureMust be kept out of reach?An Eden beyondeven wild desire—! Unknitting hooksPiece apart mysteriesImpatient to prosper,To find meaning in life. Fearful of discovery,desperate to know—reaching and grabbing,and pulling,and blind. 12/20/21

Wooly Eyes

Pastoral Sheep are the wealth of the poor;Shepherding a job for a punkWho has no better work:The last child, the left over,Walking nowhere, watching sheepEat and sleep and excrete,Doing nothing but waitingTo be sure that nothing is done. 2/25/2022For D.P.

Kindred Star

Heavy Years Glory is slow, like light A thousand years arriving To twinkle for a star; Glory is slow, like the sun’s Boiling imminent flame, always Afire, never yet burnt out; Glory is slow, like the water Sighing up from the ocean Again to the snowy mountain To take with it one tiny fleck of dirt; Glory is slow, like Read More